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Placement and set up of the RS40 occupancy sensor is very important as a way to get good occupancy information. This sensor uses Passive Infrared technology to detect the motion of heat. It's line of sight: any opaque object will block the sensor’s view and limit coverage. Similarly, home windows may even block line of sight and restrict protection. The effective range is up to 6 meters (19ft) and 135 degrees field of view. When using the RS40 to find out if a room is occupied, it is best to find a central location with good line of sight to the entire room. The best location is mounted on the ceiling in the middle of the room, or area of the room where you count on the very best concentration of individuals to be. Sensors may be placed on the wall as nicely if wanted. Make sure to mount sensor up and away from any obstacles to maximize coverage space. For larger areas, utilizing a number of sensors is advisable. RS40 sensors can overlap coverage with neighboring sensors without interfering with the operation of one another. The RS40 can be utilized to additionally detect a single person at a workstation or other location if positioned properly. Recommended placement is beneath a desk or desk that will give a clear view of the occupant’s legs or body whereas limiting line of sight to surrounding areas that might pick up different folks. Mount to the beneath aspect of the desk straight in front of where the occupant will likely be, far enough again that they are not prone to hit it with their knees. 2in) in entrance of help on the occupant aspect, in any other case place at least 150-300mm (6-12in) additional back than a median occupant’s knees would relaxation under the desk. To restrict the sector of view in open areas use the underneath desk lens accessory with the RS40 to focus its subject of view and avoid false triggers from the surrounding space. This lens fits snuggly over the dome of the RS40 and clips onto both aspect. It additionally comes with screw hole attachment clips for more permanent mounting (screws not included), if not using the clips may be eliminated by gently bending the wings up in the direction of the clip or chopping them off. The underneath desk lens is marked on with a Front, when putting the arrows should level towards the specified detection area. It'll restrict the sector of view to the cone proven in the above desk mounting images. Be aware: The RS40 just isn't waterproof rated. Remember when placing down inside attain of people or underneath surfaces to avoid areas that will collect moisture or be a water drain path. The RS40 can be used to detect site visitors by way of an area using the visitor counter lens accessory to focus the sphere of view to a narrow beam. This manner it may be used in a doorway or other entry level to offer a rely of people going previous some extent. Really helpful placement would be either contained in the doorway or instantly adjacent from the ceiling pointed immediately down into the center of the entryway. Place the sensor so the long axis is parallel with the entryway as pictured beneath. The customer counter lens will create a 5 diploma huge beam that extends out throughout the threshold. The visitor counter lens fits snuggly over the dome of the RS40 and clips to both aspect like the below desk lens accessory. To setup the RS40, first be sure it's close by (within 50 feet) of the Cascade-500W. Pull the tab on the battery. 1 second after which turn off. It's going to then blink pink any time it detect motion. The RS40 will provision to the Gateway when it powers on, it should appear in your Knowledge stream and https://askubuntu.com/users/1429360 begin passing occupancy data. The RS40 occupancy sensor comes with double sided adhesive pre-utilized that makes it easy to persist with any floor. If using both of the lenses it’s also attainable to make use of the screw holes to additionally instantly mount to surfaces. Merely peel the back cover to expose the adhesive floor and press to adhere. This adhesive is supposed to be semi-permanent, be aware that eradicating the sensor may damage smooth surfaces such as paint or drywall. 5 screw. For softer surfaces such as drywall it is suggested to make use of a screw and anchor mixture, being cautious to mark gap places earlier than drilling holes for anchors. Depending on your required application you might want to position the RS40 in different places. Once you decide a location it is recommended to check out the protection by shifting round the desired area. The sensor will blink purple whenever it detects movement, the max charge of detection is about 1Hz so give it a second after blinking before testing a brand new location.

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» Placement And Set Up Of The RS40 Occupancy Sensor Is Very Important As A Way To Get Good Occupancy Information. This Sensor Uses Passive Infrared Technology To Detect The Motion Of Heat. It's Line Of Sight: Any Opaque Object Will Block The Sensor’s V JeffersonBevill1368 2021.09.14 1
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